Content Research

Have you ever done a search for a popular keyword term in Google and found a website listed on top of the search results that you couldnt click off of fast enough? You might have wondered how such a terrible web site could make it to the top of the search engines. What you may not know is that the age of the website largely determines its value to the search engines and allows it to rank well for relevant keywords, regardless of whether it has an effective web site design and content.

If youre not absolutely convinced that keyword searches are responsible for massive amounts of searches per month, check out Googles free AdWords keyword search tool, type in some keywords related to your market and be prepared to get the surprise of your life. In many cases there are thousands of monthly searches for many keywords related to your business (some that you didnt even consider) searches that send traffic to your competitors if you fail to show up on the first page or two of Google or Bing for these terms.

Your Website Content needs to be optimized with the highest searched terms in order for your website to get accross a large number of people.


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